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Majority and minority coalitions divided even over media

Which news sources are more used by Italian policy-makers? Which are the most trusted media outlets by majority and minority coalition’s MPs? Which social media are most used, by themselves of by their staffers?

Cattaneo Zanetto & Co. and YouTrend/Quorum have realized the first research in Italy about the preferred news sources in the new Parliament, about the most used media outlets and social media by the legislators. The research was updated according to the new balance in Parliament with the new Conte II administration.

For more information: the key findings of the research (in Italian) and an analysis by Sole 24 Ore (in Italian).

Articolo Il Sole 24 Ore

Analysis: what if the EU elections were national elections in Italy

What if the EU elections were national elections in Italy? Cattaneo Zanetto & Co. and Quorum/YouTrend developed an analysis of the future political scenarios in Italy.

Starting with the votes casted in the EU elections of 26 May 2019 the analysis shows the results based on the national elections law. The results: League would need an ally to get the majority of seats in a new Parliament.


You may check the full analysis (in Italian), as well as the press reports of RepubblicaHuffington Post and Linkiesta (all in Italian).

Who are the influencers of the Italian politicians

Who are the influencers of the Italian politicians? Cattaneo Zanetto & Co. developed a report for Il Sole 24 Ore newspaper based on the politicians’ behavior on social media.

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This behavioral analysis on Italian politicians leads to a more in depth the decision-making process. By finding who are these influencers we’re able to enter into the hidden mechanisms of the Italian political agenda.

Full report.